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This is a sample of the first section. The full curriculum is below. Annuities 101 Topics Covered History of Annuities […]

This intermediate-level course goes over the process and logistics around writing an annuity. This course covers how a financial professional […]

From the inception of the annuity concept in Ancient Rhome to the the various classes and attributes of annuities today, […]

A serious collection of proven sales ideas on everything from SPIAs and DIAs all the way through how to articulate […]

Many professionals want to be in the top decile of their profession. They want to stand out. However, when it […]

This intermediate to advanced – level course is on selling and positioning cash value life insurance – Whole Life and […]

A Novice to Intermediate Level course on everything from the history of indexed annuities, to product variations, to product positioning.

Although the annuity marketplace continues to grow, there are a significant number of myths, misconceptions, and objections that consumers might […]

Almost every consumer in the US will be on Social Security eventually. Use the power of Social Security to your […]

This is a video-based glidepath for learning about Volatility Controlled Indices.