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Website and Landing Page Development

 This page is designed to show you samples of what we can help you with.  Although the possibilities are endless on what your site and landing page can look like, here we do our best to show you just a few samples.  This will continue to be built out!

Website Development

We are not “web developers” that know nothing about financial services.  We are financial services experts that know a lot about web development!!

When a financial professional hires a web development company to “virtualize their practice”, many times the problem is, the language barrier.  In other words, just because one knows web development and how to create websites, that does not mean that that individual also knows the language of insurance and investments.  We do!

Charlie Gipple, CLU, ChFC

Owner of The Retirement Academy

Website and Landing Page Pricing

Note:  Producers of CG Financial Group can receive special pricing on website and landing page development.  View below. 

Disclaimer:  The ongoing $39 charge for monthly website/landing page updates are not included in the CG Financial Group discount/refund referenced below.  The amount of work that is required to update the sites can be significant and requires the $39 ongoing charge.

To purchase a website and/or landing page, please fill out the “Website Input Form” at the bottom of this page, or contact us.

A Few Website/Page Samples

Below are just a few samples of landing pages and web pages that can be customized for you.  Furthermore, we can help you find the domain that fits your business.  We will continue to build out our samples below.  However, there are literally thousands of different possibilities for your site and landing pages because of the fact they are custom made to your specifications.

Academy Tip

Your site should have a “Blog Page”

Your site should have a Blog Page! Blogs are posts/updates/commentary that are posted to your website.  A blog is especially important because it allows you to speak in a more casual tone than the verbiage on the main page of your website. This allows the prospects to better connect with you, the human being behind the business. It also allows you to show them that you know your stuff and are much more than somebody wanting to sell them something.

If your material is good enough, the people visiting your site and reading your blog will share with others and you will have many “subscribers” that will now get your blog posts once you hit “publish”.
Most importantly, blogs help with “Search Engine Optimization”.  For instance, if you write a blog about long-term care solutions and that blog mentions “long-term care” six times, that will help your website appear closer to the top when a prospect in your area googles “Long-Term Care Insurance.”

Interested in having us create your website or landing page?  Give us information below so we can customize it to your specs.  We will not get started on the site until we speak with you! 


No money changes hands until the job is complete.

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