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Meeting Tips and Training

Charlie’s Typical “Cold Open”

Agenda During Meetings?

Role Playing First 5 Minutes

Don’t Hide Behind the “Cloak of Formality”

The Power of Storytelling

Fun Story of Simplifying the Complicated

Client Conversation Point About Insurance Products

Be Unique

Two LTC Questions

3 Powerful LTC Questions to Ask

The Ideal LTC Prospect

Two LTC Objections

My “Favorite” LTC Question

Consumer Research Thoughts

My Dad is Stronger Than Your Dad

Staying out of Jail and Annuities Positioning

Be “Half Caff”, Not Boring

Understand the Rocket Science

Staying out of Jail and Annuities Positioning

Levarge the Herd Mentality During Negotiations

Sales Tools For The Meeting:  Coming

Stories, Jokes, and Icebreakers

Joke:  The Bad News and The Worse News

Joke:  The Homemade Hearing Test

Joke:  The Pharmacist

Joke:  The Slow Talking Iowan

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